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Flip Printer is a helpful tool which creates high quality flash documents
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Flip Printer is a helpful tool which creates high quality flash documents, e.g. page-flipping digital booklets or catalogs by means of a virtual printer. The application installs a virtual printer on your computer that you can use from any application such as a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, web page, etc. The results will be flash documents ready to be published or sent by email.

The best of Flip Print are their different customizable options which enable you to obtain more features than those offered by a simple virtual printing tool. You can add one of the text or image watermarks included into a document but also you can add more watermarks or edit any of the already existing ones. You can add page numbers and customize their number type, position, font, size, and color. You can activate another application to run automatically after the printing process has finished. You can select the output type of the flash document (html, zip, or exe); you can configure the page layout, page quality, select the range of pages to be imported from the Flip Printer Options. And finally you can select the converting engine that will be used to create the output file: SWF, GPL Ghostscript, or Inner Library - different quality and speed options depend on the render engine selected.

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  • You can add watermarks, page numbers, run an application after the printing process, configure the page layout, page quality, and more


  • Trial version adds a watermark into the output files
  • You may need to install a render engine
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